I disagree.  I am not one to argue against all manifestations of the writing word but I think that language operates more freely--more associative--in the mind than visual imagery and that there is an easy tendency to hold onto the visual rather than the amorphous.  Thus this is interesting in its own way but far more limited than the changing power of words, especially by poets like TSE when one rereads the same works over the decades.  I am not an academic but I can see this being distributed in a classroom instead of the written word.  Where's the hemlock? 

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A perfect masterpiece.
You hold your breath with each frame.
And marvel at each expression. 
Moves you as much as the poem. 
Three cheers !!!


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Julian Peters has been working a long time on his graphic adaption of LSJAP, putting pieces of it up when each is complete. He now has the last page up (I like it.) The whole thing can be viewed at:

   Rick Parker