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Date: 18 Oct 2015 1:02 pm
Subject: Make It New - editor positions open
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Dear people,


I have taken some time in the past few months to think of ways in which more scholars could get involved in the running of our society magazine, Make It New. I have two ideas, an old one and a new one. Hence I would like to propose two roles and let those of you who are tempted, choose.


Managing editor

One role is that of a managing editor to share the running of the magazine with me. That would imply coordinating the flow of materials, contacting potential contributors and editing the current issue. It would be an active collaboration to extend and diversify the mag, make it more interesting and renew it continually. I have nothing to add to the requirements for a managing editor that I posted on this list some months ago, so I will reintroduce them here.

They are pretty straightforward:

One would have to like Make It New and wish to improve it. Care, creativity, involvement and interest in MIN and its future are essential. 


using ones research skills for the benefit of the publication. Former experience in editing a periodical.


 Be skilled in Word: paragraph formatting, page layout, handling of illustrations and using the reviewing component of the program.


 Be socially oriented and communicate easily with peers.


 Be disciplined and committed to doing the job on time. We all work by deadlines and the more we educate ourselves to respect them, the better the serial will be.


 Be confident writers. Have ones style and recognize it in others.


The society does not have the funds to pay for this position. However, running a serial is extremely useful for learning the skills and expectations of the profession. It is a great way for a scholar to have open access to publication, build up or extend a network of professional contacts, and develop leadership skills.


Series editor


If youd like to get involved with the magazine and be creative without spending a lot of time for this activity, you can also commit to managing a series within Make It New.

That would mean

Commission, manage and edit 4 contributions by others per year,


write four contributions per year for the series (though in this case wed better call it a column),


a combination of the two.

If you are interested in this position, you can also propose a new series and take care of its implementation. This is a chance to be really creative and coordinate with ones research and interests.


What we already have in MIN

Whats New


Book in focus

Portrait of a scholar

Music column Margaret Fisher

Poundian Poetries run by Richard Parker

The World in EPs Work

New books on EP


Article summaries

The Modernism Review


Pound and Italy in the care of Claudio Sansone


I would like to take this opportunity to propose to you two new series:

1. Pound among the poets the series would illuminate the relationship between EP and other poets whether he knew them personally or not. Topics concerning friendships, translations, reception and influence can be discussed here. As always in MIN, the articles within the series will have to rely on a recently published book or article as support for discussion.


2. Kulchural Affairs this tentative title refers to reviewing books of nonfiction that are relevant to Pound studies. These books will be handling historical narratives, questions of politics and economics, histories of ideas and institutions, etc. For those of you interested in questions of history / politics / economics/ culture and how they run parallel to or intersect with The Cantos or Guide to Kulchur, such a series would be very exciting to run.

Please find a list of possible titles in the attachment.


If you are interested in either of these two roles, please get in touch with me, or respond to this email.

With all my very best on this Sunday night,


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