Dear Carrol,

Sorry about the copying; it's laziness to just hit "reply." I'll try to stop.

On cats--they seem to "know" a great deal. I used to have migraines frequently. My little cat Maggie was in general mainly concerned about Maggie. But she always knew if I had a migraine: I would be in a dark room in pain and would feel a tiny paw patting my cheek. She would also stay with me, and as she only weighed 6 pounds, she would stay on me and purr. A friend called her "nurse Maggie."

I have also seen a cat spend all day and night for weeks beside the cage in which her cat friend was recovering from a broken bone, and the morning I got up and she was not there, the hurt cat was standing and wanting out. She knew when it was ok. But she would reach her paw in as far as she could to pat her hurt cat all the time the other was recovering.

But I have a long life full of cat's knowing stories, so I won't go on.

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Nancy, you keep copying posts I have happily spared myself by deleting 

I don't have strong opinions on cats, but they do pose puzzles. They have 
500 voluntary muscles to control with that small brain, yet they do seem to 
have some synapses left over. When I broke my hip (outside the house) back 
in 1990, our cat insisted on sleeping on our bed with Jan. We couldn't 
figure out how he 'knew' that something was wrong.