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Of all the silly disagreements on this list, this has to be the top. (But loving cats was one of the most charming things about Eliot--at least one that produced warmth and humor--so) "Familiarity" does not mean lack of affection or loyalty or companionability: it means the cat resents disrespect or rudeness, as in "b. an unduly informal act or expression: IMPROPRIETY." (Webster's)
That whole poem is about respecting the cat's sense of itself:
I bow, and taking off my hat,
Ad-dress him in this form: o CAT!
But if he is the Cat next door,
Whom I have often met before
(He comes to see me in my flat)
I greet him with an OOPSA CAT!
A Cat's entitled to expect
These evidences of respect.
As for Eliot and dogs: "So first, your memory I'll jog. And say: A CAT IS NOT A DOG."
Read the whole poem; it's not enthusiastic on a dog, who is "'What you would call a simple soul" and "an easy-going lout."
Cats do prefer some propriety; it's not a lack of affection.

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"I say, you should ad-dress a Cat.
But always keep in mind that he
Resents familiarity."

-- TS Eliot on 'The Ad-dressing of Cats' 

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Since when we're cats loyal?

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So much for loyal companions. ;->

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T.S. Eliot really liked cats according to his wife - NY Daily News

"Cats are fine," says Valerie Eliot. "But actually, I think I prefer dogs."