I thought Vendler's review was a pretty mixed bag though I'd agree with 
her on one score, that no other poet could have mustered the energy that 
Eliot did in his poetry and job and editorship combined to advance his 
perspective. She specifies American poet; I'm not sure why.

In any case while poking around the web I found a page that is almost 
Rickard-like in its presentation of The Hollow Men:     It is apparently 
a university student's project and might come in handy though I don't 
see any reference in it or, so far, in other web sources to Theresa of 
Avila. I haven't looked at the standard guides yet.


On 10/2/2015 12:36 PM, P wrote:
> Sounds like she didn't do her home work.
> Eliot did.
> P.
> So does this Vendler mention Theresa of Avila who had some things to say about hollow men?
> -------

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