On 10/12/2015 9:07 AM, Carrol Cox wrote:
> Eliot's rather repellant racism is more or less a given.

     Thanks for the non sequitur and the dollop of intellectualizing 
dished from the fuzzy pot of "what everyone knows." Is that your 
passive-aggressive way of denying that Auden's observation about poets 
applies to Pound and Eliot writing each other and using the vernacular 
of Joel Chandler Harris? I'm not convinced.

> Few if any U.S. poets aren't stained by it.

     Really. I find that uncompelling in the first instance and in the 
second, from which nations come the unbenighted poets who aren't 
"stained by it"?  After all, this is a world-wide forum. Isn't it rude 
to be hogging all of it when there is plenty of human nature to go 
around? You know, globally.

> Read up on the 1919 St. Louis Massacres.

     No. You tell us why we should read up on the St Louis Massacres and 
how specifically that relates to the Pound/Eliot correspondence.

Ken A