Pete, Peter, CR,
Thanks for your kind and cogent observations. CR, you can if you like 
read the Ultimate Burbank posts at this web address:

You can tell by looking at it that it's my site, unfinished and 
unorganized; I had to Google it to find it (no webmaster certificate in 
my future, Rickard). Also by Guy at that site under the link "ASG" are 
his notes on After Strange Gods, which in effect give the context 
necessary for understanding that piece.

Peter, Eric Thompson was to me what McLuhan was to you, and in fact it 
was the former's teaching that opened the way for me to see and value 
the latter. In early 1998 when I subscribed to this listserv, it was in 
part in hopes that another voice existed "out there" as accomplished and 
sure as Thompson's on Eliot. I had given that idea up when in May Guy 
appeared on the subject of "Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a 
Cigar", and I'm afraid my ecstatic surprise and awkward joy are recorded 
for heaven knows how long in the list's archives. Guy had the same sure 
grasp of what really mattered in Eliot, what he was really up to, as 
Thompson did, and unlike Thompson, had a will to publish.

At least that's how I saw it and see it. They occupy the same deep 
Eliotic territory, and now there will be no further reports from that 
front from either of them, though I hope Guy's manuscript of 
"Appreciations of the Early Masterpieces" will still find the light of 
publication. And I hope this doesn't simply sound like blathering. Guy's 
books on Shakespeare are more than worth the price of admission, and for 
me his book on Calhoun's Disquisition on Government made government 
really make sense for the first time in my life. Context and discerning 
context was what he was about, and no real insight exists without it.

I leave it alone now. Still a bit stunned, again. Hope you all get the 
chance to read the as yet unpublished manuscript on Poems 1920. Of 
course there might be others; Guy, like Eliot, was one of those driven 
people who produce more in one lifetime than most of us can imagine in 
three or four. Thanks for indulging my message.

Ken A

On 10/21/2015 2:27 AM, P wrote:
> Ken I have some sense of how important his work on Eliot is to you,  and I offer you condolences for the loss of such a presence in your own thinking & work. We should all have such inspirational guides in our work, just as McLuhan was & is for me.
> The is a very impressive resume'. It would have been good to know him.
> Blessings,
> Peter
> On 20 Oct 2015 5:52 pm, Ken Armstrong <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I learned today that Guy Story Brown, former list member and man of many
>> accomplishments, passed away this past July 30. I hardly know what to
>> say about him, especially with so few current listers having been on the
>> forum in 1998 when his "Ultimate Burbank" posts appeared -- except that
>> I think now as then that he was the most accomplished reader of Eliot,
>> and radically so, that the world has produced. It is a detail that the
>> world does not yet know it, but that will change, as he might have put
>> it, "in due time."
>> There are of course obituaries on the Net, but this one was produced by
>> his family if any of you are interested in seeing it:
>> Rest in Peace, Guy.
>> Your poorer student,
>> Ken Armstrong

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