I love seeing how Eagle Bluffs changes from day to day.  This morning it was overcast, which I don’t mind because the birds are less likely to be backlit.

Highlights this morning:

- 4 Purple Martins on the wire on Star School Rd
- the coots have arrived in the second one-way loop!
- juvenile Northern Harrier in the second one-way loop
- Marsh Wrens were out singing
- the Osprey is continuing in the Pool 14/15 area
- an influx of swallows, mostly Barn and Cliff (as far as I could tell), far out in Pool 14
- 1 late Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I’m not seeing many ducks, maybe 3 in flight at a time or 1-3 on the water.  I got very excited when I found a small grouping, but they turned out to be decoys.  

Karen Wosilait
Seattle (permanent) / Columbia, MO (temp)
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