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The Jerry Wade Youth Habitat and Education Program is a matching grant program created by the Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative (MoBCI), the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM – see and the Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA – see . Memorial gifts honoring Jerry Wade and funds from these organizations provide the dollars to support this effort to engage youth and their teachers in habitat improvement to benefit birds.


This grant is open to any Missouri Environmental Education Association member (cost to join is only $15 for professionals and less for retirees and students – see, whether a formal or non-formal educator.


Grant award(s) will be up to $500 each to purchase materials or supplies to carry out bird habitat conservation projects in Missouri. $500 is available for awards for 2015-2016. Eligible activities include projects that protect, enhance or restore bird habitats on any lands in Missouri. All projects should be habitat based and not strictly designed for monitoring. An educational component is mandatory. Awards will be made to the recipient's school or organization. RECEIPT DEADLINE: October 31, 2015. Details and application form can be found at, right hand column.



Key Information for Jerry Wade Youth Habitat and Education Program (YHEP) Proposals:

1.    YHEP grants are intended to reinforce the commitment of youth and educators to bird habitat conservation (and the environment) by providing modest financial support to projects that improve bird habitats and involve students in grades K-12.

2.    Applicants must be members of the Missouri Environmental Education Association who are educators in some capacity.

3.    Awards will be made to the educator’s school or organization.

4.    Youth and partner organizations must be engaged in the project.

5.    Each project should educate its participants/students about birds and bird habitat conservation in addition to improving habitat.

6.    A dollar for dollar match is required of applicants.

7.    MoBCI dollars will be specifically directed to bird habitat improvement goals that meet the needs of birds that utilize native habitats in Missouri and must address at least one of the bird conservation initiatives below.


Matching funds may be available from several sources and a commitment of matching funds should be secured prior to submitting a grant proposal to MoBCI.  Among the many possible matching fund sources are some local Audubon chapters and ASM (application for such requests at


MoBCI grant projects must be relevant to the goals and objectives of one or more of the major national and international bird conservation initiatives, including the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Plans applicable to Missouri, North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan, and the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. Access to these plans can be found at the following web addresses


Consider applying for a Jerry Wade Youth Habitat and Education Program (YHEP) grant, and please pass the word so others may apply now or for future grant periods.


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Columbia, MO

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