I took the Dog for a walk uptown/downtown this eve to check on the Chimney Swifts. There were some flying around but not going in anywhere at first. Watched Mourning Doves and Eurasion Collared- Doves flying to roost in the trees. Couple dozen Rock Doves flying around the Courthouse. Then spotted a Cooper's Hawk perched on the chimney of the Beauty Academy. The American Kestrels that nest a block from the square, and fledged young ones again, seemed to have left the area. Nighthawks are all gone now also. Miss seeing and hearing them for sure.
 Then around 7:30 watched dozens of CHSW swirling around and going in the chimney at City Hall. Maybe couple hundred total. Guess there's not TOO MUCH HOT AIR coming out of there on the wknds!

Steve Kinder
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