Hello Mobirders--

Many of you who have been around the Missouri birding community for a while
know that the Greater Prairie-Chicken has seen a precipitous decline within
our borders. The most up-to-date count I heard from a friend of mine was
that only 101 males were sighted this spring in Missouri.

Tim Barksdale and Christian Hagenlocher, who both have established ties to
the Missouri birding community, are currently working to raise funds for a
film called "Battle on the Booming Grounds" that brings light to the
situation--both in Missouri and across the country. Tim has been working on
the film for years, and the project is entering its final stages. An
Indiegogo page has been set up where individuals can make donations to help
bring the story of the prairie chicken to PBS stations across the country:

Please consider making a contribution, and spreading the word amongst
friends and family who share an interest in prairie conservation and the
natural world. Prairie chickens are an emblematic part of our state's
history and raising awareness of their plight is a key element to their


Phil Wire
Troy, MO
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