I stopped by Columbia Bottom and Riverlands today.  There are lots of shorebirds across from parking lot S at Columbia Bottom as previously reported, but I could not find anything unusual among those that were close enough and in good enough light to identify.  There were also lots of White Pelicans, Cormorants, Ring-billed Gulls, and Caspian Terns.  The number of herons and egrets seemed to be down a bit.  There were also a few shorebirds in various other pools.  The water was back up at Riverlands and mudflats were limited.   I did not find anything new along Riverlands way, but there were both Forster's and Black Terns at Lincoln Shields.  They were flying among a large flock of swallows  above the small remaining area of much and shallow water.
David Becher
Saint Louis

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