Mississippi kite have been very common here in Joplin this summer.
I had four more today:
Two at the southeast corner of Zora Ave. and Florida at 10 am.
One overhead at our home, 1711 Goetz Blvd., (north of MSSU) at 11 am.
Then one more northeast of the corner of St. Louis and Broadway, at shortly before noon.
I checked on a reported nest in south Joplin yesterday.  Didn’t find it in a pin oak
“by the road” but did see a MIKI overhead.  This residence was just a few blocks west
of the very first MIKI nest found in Joplin some 15 to 20 years ago.
They’re residential.  When I drive outside of Joplin I fail to see any !
Larry Herbert,  Joplin, MO.  certhia at att . net                                          8-18-15.
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