Lot's of shorebirds in the marsh below the  dam today. We found at least 8 species and possibly more, still trying to identify some of the  pictures we took today. Here's the list so far. The Wilson's Snipe was the biggest surprise of the day.

2-Lesser yellowlegs
2-least sandpipers
1-semipalmated sandpiper
3-solitary sandpipers
4-spotted sandpipers
1-wilson's snipe
20-pectoral sandpipers

There were also 6 immature wood ducks sitting together in the weeds on the far side of the marsh, 4 Blue-gray gnat-catchers, 1 goldfinch, and two eastern kingbirds. I missed this but Shirley got a neat series of pics of an angry eastern kingbird attacking a killdeer. Chased it all around the marsh, actually making contact several times. She didn't see what started the ruckous but looking at her pictures the kingbird seemed very serious.

Also birded the lake itself and will post a complete list on ebird later this evening after I spend some more time trying to ID the shorebird pics.

Jack Foreman
Leslie Mo.

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