I went to Fountain Grove this morning to pick some more Blackberries and check on conditions after strong Thunder Storms and flash flooding in the area last evening. I found high water in many places from more flooding. I think this is the 10th flood event on the area this year. There were lots of branches on the roads, and a few down trees, but only a couple roads closed. Pretty hard to manage for better habitat with this happening repeatedly! The only shorebirds I saw besides Killdeer were two Spotted Sandpipers at a floodle at the Hdqtrs. I counted a total of 27 Great Egrets and 10 GB Herons that were scattered around the area. Couple of Turkeys on the road and Bobwhite still whistling. Had Lark, Chipping, Song, and Field Sparrows. A male Least Bittern flew up just as I started down the wetland boardwalk and went about 100 ft across the marsh before dropping back into the vegetation. Found an Am. Goldfinch nest with 5 eggs in a Gray Dogwood next to the Berry patch. Got very Hot & Humid before I got done.

Steve Kinder
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