I spent this morning at Riverlands, which provided an enjoyable diversity of birds (63 species) once the rain stopped around 9:00. There was a moderate amount of shorebird habitat, but diversity was low; the only numerous species (besides Killdeer) was PECTORAL SANDPIPER, with an estimated 140 birds. The main surprises were (1) the large number of SNOWY EGRETS on Heron Pond; I estimated 80 or more, along with 50 or more LITTLE BLUE HERONS, mostly adults, and (2) an immature LAUGHING GULL, studied from the Ellis Island parking lot alongside Ring-bills. One CASPIAN and eight BLACK TERNS were the only other larids. An adult BALD EAGLE perched high to scan Ellis Bay for a while, and an immature eagle was along the edge of the water at Lincoln-Shields, which otherwise had rather few birds (it's closed to cars; one has to park and walk in).

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Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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