Barb Duncan, Betty Richey and Theresa and Delores Caples and I birded this afternoon at Eagle Bluffs CA, finding sandpipers Pectoral, Solitary, Least, Baird's, Lesser Yellowlegs, along with a nice showing of at least 6 Black terns. Surprisingly, on Mokane Rd., north Jefferson City past the water treatment plant there is a long canal of water right now. We had Lesser yellowlegs, Pectorals, Least, Spotted, Semi Palmated Sandpiper, and a Semi Palmated Plover. Also on Mokane Rd. on the wires a Western Kingbird and a Scissortailed flycatcher. Quite a few birds when adding in the Killdeer were along the canal, many many dozen at least. Worth a look if you are in Jefferson City.
Jane Frazier
River Bluffs Audubon
Jefferson City

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