Of course not--it was not at all covert. Nor was he at all unaware that his images of Viv were extremely negative. Pound, at least, said it was "too photog." What has that to do with her reasons for editing a line, making it more effective, and explicitly leaving it up to Tom to use or not?
The issue here is about the text and whether it has any evidence to suggest what Eliot thought or felt about what she edited, and it doesn't. If there is any in letters, I have not seen it but would be interested.
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Eliot could not have been unaware of the line's suggestion vis-a-vis his own marriage. 


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Eliot also clearly respected her intellect and skills at this point.
Re: "protocol"--just read the text of the Facsimile. And biography, especially the new one by Crawford. There is no reason at all other than wild speculation to think that at this time he "winced."

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I did not label accurately the parts of the following post. Labels inserted below between []

Nancy makes the vital points. It seems Vivien was (at least potentially) a pretty good poet!


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[p] They = Tom & Viv. I am interested in what sparked Viv's line about children. My original query got no response so I came at it a different way.

[COX] Perhaps she had literary reasons? Why does any writer compose any line?