Not assuming anything. There is a premise is there not, that the poem reflects Eliot's life at the time. The query is just natural curiosity. Or is there some kind of protocol for deciding where those reflections are? What qualifies & what doesn't?

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Why assume without a source or evidence that it is a personal dig? Would she have added the note to Tom about accepting or not if it were? Why could it not be simply another Kellond line he had omitted or a common phrase that fit much better than the one he used, which it did?
Clearly the images are based on them (it is clear on the Facsimile pages--as in Pound's "too photog" comment), but nothing in any of Viv's editing comments suggests she was using the text to dig at him or that he was not respecting her notes.
If she did want to snipe, it would hardly be in a league with the image of her as hysteric. They were pretty mutually damaging.

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They = Tom & Viv. I am interested in what sparked Viv's line about children. My original query got no response so I came at it a different way.