The water levels in the distribution channel have been dropping since Sunday, when I got back in town, and there's now a decent amount of mud. Shorebirds this morning:  

4 Solitary Sandpipers 
1 Spotted Sandpiper
A dozen or so peeps, looked like mostly Leasts with at least one Semipalmated 
20+ Killdeer

Had a meeting this morning so I didn't take my scope but I wish I had. 

Other highlights:

2 Scissortail Flycatchers (on the wire past the first 90 degree turn and the big trees on both sides of the road)

1 Blue Grosbeak on the wire, also on drive in

7 Green Herons (perched high on snags or in flight, 2 pair by pool 15, 1 pair by Pool 8, and a single one at the very end of the road). 

The weather was much less oppressive, a welcome break. 

Karen Wosilait
Seattle (permanent) / Columbia, MO (temp)
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