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Apologies for cross-posting.

I'm posting a final update for the edited anthology Rock and Romanticism. The anthology is shaping up nicely (at least in terms of proposals so far), so if you have had something in mind but haven't had time to send it along yet, please do. The deadline for proposals is August 1st, but I plan to send the first proposal to the first publisher by August 7th-15th, so if you just need a little extra time, let me know. 

I was on the road from July 5th to the 14th, so if you emailed me during that time, there may have been some delays in getting back with you. I profusely apologize for that, and especially if I missed your email somehow. Please do just contact me again. 

Contributors so far have expressed compelling ideas, interesting connections, and a great sense of fun. I hope to carry all three forward into the final product.

Here's the full CFP with an updated list of proposals:

One interested (but overcommitted) party suggested a connection between Mark Knopfler and Scottish Romanticism. If that topic piques your interest, I'd love to see a proposal. 



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