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please refer to my recently-forwarded post re this topic. I should have mentioned that things got worse for that particular wife - further research re casualty records etc revealed that another of her brothers was killed a year or so later, so two young men from the same family were wiped-out - doubtless not uncommon then, but almost inconceivable now.

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There’s a new archive available telling the stories of families who went through World War I. “The Army Children of the First World War project was set up as a digital archive to tell the stories of ordinary people who lived through the 1914-1918 conflict. The aim was to inspire both young and old to connect with the events of a century ago. Those behind the site have stuck to their promise of uploading a new image every week and few months on the website is packed with images and postcards written by soldiers on the frontline and sent back to loved ones in Leeds.”