At 2:00 pm yesterday, an adult Scissor-tailed Flycatcher moved about the
tree tops on both sides of the road bridge that crosses the ditch on the
west side of Pool 1. It darted down to water's edge briefly and then back up
into the trees. STFC have been seen here several times earlier this spring.
Maybe one at this date indicates they are nesting here.


As I was watching the flycatcher, I heard a puzzling song coming from a tall
sycamore close by. When the STFC finally disappeared, I turned my attention
to the musical mystery. It turns out that a Blue Grosbeak and Warbling Vireo
were singing simultaneously from the top of the same tree. Mystery was
solved when I spotted the grosbeak singing. He obviously didn't read the
manual on preferred grosbeak habitat.


Other Duck Creek highlights were four Black-necked Stilts on the Luken Farm
wetland and three eaglets perched together on a branch of the nest tree in
the middle of Pool 1. Mom and dad kept watch from other cypress trees


Mark Haas, Jackson, Cape County, MO

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