On April 20 of this year I was very surprised to find two Scissortail Flycatchers at Duck Creek Conservation Area.  Thought maybe these had moved down the road a few miles to your area, but today I was in the Duck Creek area and went in to see if the Scissortails are still there.  They are, having moved down the road only a hundred yards or so.  On April 20 they were at the entrance to Pool One, on the signs.  Now if you turn right going into the pool area, they are a bit further down on the right.  One flew right in front of my car today.  They certainly are expanding their range!

I also saw at Otter Slough:
Wilson's Phalaropes - at least 25
Forster's Terns - 2
Black-throated Green Warblers - 3
A. Redstart - 2
Palm Warbler 
Prothonotary - several

At Eagle Point saw these warblers

At Bounds Creek Access saw:
Prairie Warbler
Blue Winged Warblers
YB Chats
Kentucky Warblers
Yellowthroats - all 3 places and then some, of course

Otter Slough had lots of water in fields and shorebirds were hard to find.  Did find Dowitchers, Dunlins, a few Pects, Yellowlegs, and others mainly in Pool 32 at Labrador Lane.  
Black-necked Stilts about 10.
Pretty birdy - lots of others, vireos, both tanagers, a Lark Sparrow (not on Otter Slough - one of the county roads), etc.Will post on eBird.

Judy Bergmann
Rural Bonne Terre
St. Francois Co.
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On Mon, 5/11/15, Leon Book <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 Subject: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Stoddard County
 To: [log in to unmask]
 Date: Monday, May 11, 2015, 10:32 AM
 5/10 my wife and I ventured out from our Cape Girardeau home
 to attend to family grave sites in Stoddard and Dunklin
 counties, enjoy Pig Baskets at the Dexter Queen (aka, LDQ)
 in Dexter (highly recommended), visit family, and do some
 birding along the way. As we traveled along highway OO (off
 highway 25 south of Advance), I observed what I'm sure
 was a scissor-tailed flycatcher. It had its wings and tail
 outstretched to slow down as if to land on a tree limb.
 Kinda hard to miss that ID since it's such a spectacular
 sight! As the day progressed, we ended up passing that tree
 three more times, anxiously hoping to see the bird again
 (and perhaps a mate), but alas, no more sightings. If
 you're travelling that way, check it out, please. Turn
 east off 25 onto OO maybe a mile south of Advance. About a
 mile up OO, the blacktop road makes a 90-degree turn to the
 south and then quickly makes another 90-degree turn back
 east. It is at this second turn that I observed the bird.
 The largest tree along the roadside there is on the
 southwest corner of the roadside, and the adjacent pastures
 make for pretty good flycatcher habitat. 
 Be advised
 that there's no good place to pull over, and hills and
 turns limit the visibility of approaching traffic. So,
 please be safe!
 anybody seen the pair that nested last year west of Jackson
 in Cape County? Hope they return!
 birding, everybody.
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