Citizens Science Project – Mourning Warbler Song Mapper

I am posting an opportunity to participate in a Citizens Science Project that involves recording migrating Mourning Warbler songs.  I am trying to determine the nature of migratory pathways taken by different populations of Mourning Warbler males during their spring migration using the signatures of their songs.  The pattern of geographic variation in song on the breeding range is well known.  However, we do not know how members of these different song populations migrate towards their respective breeding areas.  I plan on collecting your recordings and plotting them on a map of North America to determine where birds with different song types (regiolects) separate from each other during spring migration.

All you need is a Smartphone and a singing Mourning Warbler.  You can send the recordings to my e-mail address ([log in to unmask]).  The web page link below describes the project and how to make recordings on your Smartphone in more detail.

I would really appreciate your help and contributions to this Citizens Science Project.  

Dr. Jay Pitocchelli 
Biology Department 
Saint Anselm College
Manchester, NH 03102

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