Had a call from a friend here in Boone County (Columbia).  Last week five baby birds fell through on to the ceiling tiles in her office.  (an outside vent was not installed properly, bird made nest in hose, and eventually through pecking or something else, birds fell through to the ceiling tile.)  She placed all the birds back outside under a tree; to her knowledge no parent ever came to tend to them -  and she is unable to identify the babies to species.  “small, grayish-black all over, bright yellow beak”.  This happened last Tuesday, over the days four of the five babies died;  one is still alive and has stolen her heart.  She took it home over the weekend and every two hours fed it softened dog food.  It is now thriving, but she cannot keep up the pace -  nor does she know how to return it to the wild.


She is looking for a rehabber who will take this bird and be able to return it to the wild – she has called the Conservation Department, the University, and one rehabber that she left a long message for but has not received a returned phone call. 


Any rehabber’s out there who can help her?   Please let me know and I will put you in touch.


Jean  Leonatti

Columbia, MO

Boone County



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