I've had some migrants in the last week or so. Many of these are not out of the ordinary, but there were a few nice finds for me.

May 4, with Barb Duncan at Chris Barrigar's, good looks at Kentucky warbler and Common yellowthroat.
May 5, Rock Bridge SP, Many Tennessee's, Kentucky's, Parula's, good look at a Wood Thrush, Red eyed Vireo, BG Gnatcatcher, Acadian Flycatcher
Binder Lake, Baltimores, Orchard Orioles, Palm warbler, Summer Tanager, all seen well
May 7, Grindstone Natural Area, Columbia, Good look at PHILADELPHIA VIREO, Tennessee's, Parula, Yellow Throated Vireo, Swainson's Thrush,
Palm Warbler (seen)
May 8, Greenway, Jefferson City, Singing Tennessee, Blue Winged Warbler
May 9, River Bluffs Migration Count IN THE RAIN with Betty Richey, Rick Thom, Rich George, Binder Lake, WILSON"S PHALAROPES, DUNLIN,, Least and Spotted Sandpipers, Louisiana Waterthrush (seen), singing Tennesee's and Parula, BLACK TERN, both Orioles (thanks much to Rick and Rich for these birds!)
May 10, Binder Lake, Baltimores, R E vireo, Warbling vireo, Yellow Warbler
May 12- Rock Bridge, same as earlier Rock Bridge report, add in Y B Cuckoo

Some of the warblers were sure hard won! My notable misses this year include so far Blackpoll, Wilson's, Magnolia, Chestnut sided. I may have missed them since I'm not great at calls, but usually see most of these. Would like to hear backchannel or on the list how others are finding this year good bad or in between in terms of warblers.

Jane Frazier
Jeff City
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