Doug Hommert and I birded the Hwy. 79 corridor today. We did not see many
shorebirds, but here are our results and the conditions we found:


St. Charles County-Dalbow/Firma Rds. Some habitat before the RR. tracks on
Dalbow; however, nary a bird. The rest of the area was dry. 


Lincoln County--B.K. Leach CA. The only mudflats were east of HQs/Machine
Shed. We only found, coots, ducks and a few geese, including two
White-fronted Geese. All other pools were too deep for most shorebirds.


Pike County--Clarence Cannon NWR. Although there were deeper pools of water,
the mudflats were extensive. Except for yellowlegs (mostly lesser), the area
had few other shorebirds-a handful of Pectoral Sandpipers and a few peeps
too far away to ID. While looking at the peeps on the mudflats on the north
side of the main road, we managed to see a few American Pipits,  Doug
spotted a Sandhill Crane, a rather surprising find. The crane was so far out
that Doug didn't even bother to try to  photograph it with his "Hubble"size
camera lens. We scoped it for a couple of minutes, when it suddenly took
flight and disappeared to the west. 


Later I drove to Hwy H. off Hwy 94. A quarter of a mile south of the
Mertz/Power Rds. intersection, five Wilson's Phalaropes were feeding amongst
a handful of Lesser Yellowlegs.  A Spotted Sandpiper was closer to Mertz Rd.
Mudflats are extensive in this area also. I could not find any Bobolinks in
their usual field on Powers Rd.


Connie Alwood

St. Louis County



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