I looked back through you submitted lists and you are finding lots of good birds. Looks like you are spending a lot of time on photograhy and have some great photos.

Suggestions:  I think you might use the ebird lists of the folks that were just down there before you go and look at all the bird names on the list that you haven't seen or heard. Then look in the book at the pictures of the birds and what habiitats they frequent. Then look up the vocalizations of those birds you don't know and/or liisten to the sounds they make. If you have yhe Ibird Pro app on a smart phone, use that to listen to the songs and chip notes of just the birds being seen on the list of others. If you don't have an app you can just Google the names of the birds and go to the allaboutbirds site that shows up in the search list and click on sound for each species. Then when you are at Eagle Bluffs listen and look for then in the right habitats when you go to Eacle Bluffs.  

I think you might want to try to get out and walk along some of the dirt levee roads and through the vegetation near the treed sections. Lots of birds are detected not by sound and never seen unless you walk until you see them. 

If you aren't familiar with walking on the roads. The signs that say no authorized vehicles beyond his point are still available for foot traffic. It isn't a keep out sign unless it calls it a designated refuge and no one is allowed between certain dates. 

Good luck.


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Subject: Tips for seeing more species at EBCA?


My wife and I have only been seriously birding for about six months.  We have 7 feeders in our yard now, and we usually make at least one trip to Eagle Bluffs CA a week.  What Iím noticing is that my eBird lists are relatively short.  Now that spring is here some people are getting 55-65 species a visit. Iím lucky to get 30.  So I have some questions for those who are racking up the numbers?

When is the best time to go? early morning, late afternoon?

Are you using a scope to see more distant birds?  (I just got a pair of excellent binoculars, which helped a lot today!)

How do you observe/see small birds in trees?  (I hear the calls but canít locate where they are coming from )

Do you use some sort of systematic approach for searching/counting?

Iím not asking for a birding disquisition/lecture here, just a few helpful pointers.  I certainly donít expect be a top birder overnight.

Dwight Cruikshank
Columbia, MO

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