My wife and I have only been seriously birding for about six months.  We have 7 feeders in our yard now, and we usually make at least one trip to Eagle Bluffs CA a week.  What I’m noticing is that my eBird lists are relatively short.  Now that spring is here some people are getting 55-65 species a visit. I’m lucky to get 30.  So I have some questions for those who are racking up the numbers?

When is the best time to go? early morning, late afternoon?

Are you using a scope to see more distant birds?  (I just got a pair of excellent binoculars, which helped a lot today!)

How do you observe/see small birds in trees?  (I hear the calls but can’t locate where they are coming from ) 

Do you use some sort of systematic approach for searching/counting?  

I’m not asking for a birding disquisition/lecture here, just a few helpful pointers.  I certainly don’t expect be a top birder overnight. 

Dwight Cruikshank
Columbia, MO

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