Hi MObirders,
I found three Redhead ducks at Center Creek Lagoon, north of Joplin,
Jasper County this morning.  Getting late for these here IMO.

30  Canada Goose
03  Mallard
04  N. Shoveler
25  Blue-winged Teal
03  Redhead
03  Lesser Scaup
No American Coots  Lots of them late last week.

Also FOS Eastern Wood-Pewee, House Wren, and Northern Oriole here
in the yard yesterday,  4-26-15. 

We used to enjoy the ASM meetings, but we have too many obligations
here at home now.  I'd be there if I could.

Lawrence Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.  certhia at att . net  04-27-15. 

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