Nancy and I did Lost Valley today and found most of what Jack Cowan reported from Saturday plus a bit more.   We missed the Scarlet Tanagers, but had an Eastern Towhee, a Phoebe, lots of American Redstarts and a Kentucky Warbler (heard many more of these).  Our best sighting of the day was a Blue-winged Warbler at very close range at the very beginning of the beaver pond.

One of the joys of birding Lost Valley on a Monday was that there were no cyclists to contend with, just a few walkers and long-distance runners.


John Solodar
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> On Apr 25, 2015, at 5:37 PM, Jack Cowan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Checked out Lost Valley this morning with Julie and Shawn Clubb. Very birdy. 
> * - Northern Parulas, saw four, heard about a dozen more.
> * - Cerulean Warbler, saw three, heard about nine or 10 more
> * - Worm-eating Warbler, saw three (two of which were good looks, low to the ground), heard about 10 more.
> * - Blue-winged Warbler, saw one, heard a half dozen.
> * - Red-eyed Vireo, saw two, heard at least a dozen.
> * - White-eyed Vireo, saw two, heard at least a dozen
> * - Scarlet tanager, saw two.
> * - Swainson's Thrush, saw one
> * - Wood Thrush, heard one
> * - Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, saw four, heard a dozen
> At Busch HQ building, we found one female Purple Martin sitting on top of the martin house, and four Tree Swallows and two Barn Swallows coursing about. Many singing Chipping Sparrows along Fallen Oak Trail.
> Struck out on Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on Darst Bottom Road.
> We found most of the Northern Parulas, all of the Ceruleans and Worm-eating warblers one Scarlet Tanager, and many Red-eyed and White-eyed vireos along the trail that breaks off from the main trail and heads north up the hill. The main trail turns left and heads northwest. The higher up the trail you go the better because eventually you're at tree-top level with the trees down in the valley. 
> A word of caution. Watch out for the cyclists who like to tear down the hill as fast they can go. These guys are probably doing more than 40 mph down that hill. One of these days, one of those guys is going to hit a rock, a rut or a hole coming down that hill and end up severely injured.
> While I'm on the subject, most of the cyclists are nice and don't mind sharing the road, but I've heard some don't like birders or hikers in the road. So be nice.
> Jack Cowan
> South St. Louis
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