Bumped into Karen this morning with Yellow-headed Blackbird update and was successful with two males in previously reported area. To the naked eye, the yellow heads of the YH Blackbirds appeared Baltimore Oriole Orange. What a superb contrast!! By far fabulous looking birds . . . as far as blackbirds are concerned.
On the premises were over 17 Soras. A Virginia Rail scolded from the cattails near the end of the 1st one-way loop.
At the northwest center of Pool 14 is where most the shorebirds were finally located . . . with some leg work (~300-400 yards of high stepping through dead stuff). By 11 am, the sun came out and the shimmer was strong. 4 Marbled Godwits were present and actively feeding. The shorebirds flushed a few times allowing me good vantage of the cinnamon colored underwings of the Godwits.
Also present (of note) were 9 Wilson's Phalaropes, 3 Dunlin, 3 Semi-palmated Sandpiper, Pects-a-plenty (Pectoral Sandpipers - mucho), Lesser Yellowlegs equally mucho, and not to be left out, a few Greater Yellowlegs were in the mix as well. There was one other shorebird I could not identify as its bill was tucked, but considerably different from adjacent Pectoral Sandpiper. It was slightly smaller and considerably lighter overall; I'll have to look at the photos later (providing the shimmer isn't too great).
I believe Lark Sparrows were in excess of 7 birds - mostly observed at the northern end of Eagle Bluffs at field edges.
Bird on!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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