Brad Jacobs posting for Tom Gaines and Larry (John) Theiss.

Tom and John were recently at Squaw Creek NWR in Holt County.
Tom writes:
"Yesterday around 1:30 pm Tom Gaines spotted the two whimbrels quite a ways out with a large number of shore birds in the Snow Goose Pool Complex.  There were three college students from Missouri Western observing the shorebirds when we arrived.  Once the whimbrels were seen, they started calling their wildlife professor to see what he thought.
    I apologize for not having better numbers, but I remember a couple dozen large plovers which I guess were American golden plovers... There was at least five marbled godwits and one Hudsonian godwit.... We weren't paying attention to them.  They were many dozens of much smaller birds with these which we could not ID.

   In addition to these, we had a road side view of a sora and a fly by of an American bittern.  There were at least six yellow-headed blackbirds in the reeds.
Tom's email that I have is [log in to unmask]  His phone is 816-812-7006.  My email is [log in to unmask] and phone is 816-812-3414. "

Larry sent me the a photo of the whimbrels. I can send them to anyone who want to see them by email. Also, I think Tom is going to be at home too and could send them now. He had planned to be out of town and asked that I send them and do the post for folks that might want to go to Squaw Creek right away.


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