apologize for the late post. burroughs audubon had a field trip to squaw creek nwr refuge yesterday, largely to look for shorebirds. in snow goose pool we had  a small group of long-billed dowitchers. in the first pool on the east side after you've driven through the wooded area, we had a cinnamon teal, not a hybrid. in the next pool we did see a whimbrel in among other good-sized shorebirds. ID was really difficult because they were far away and we had to look through several scopes. we did get some profile looks where we could see the long, curved bill. there were also willets in the same area which were identified by the underwing pattern when they flew a short distance. we were not able to find any
godwits. other shorebirds were a dunlin, least and pectoral sandpipers and large numbers of lesser and greater yellowlegs. more yellow-headed blackbirds than anyone could
remember seeing at the refuge. only warblers were yellow and yellow-rumped. still a variety of waterfowl, including northern pintail and hooded merganser. full species list on ebird.

sherry leonardo
grandview, mo

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