A friend and I drove up to CCannon and BKLeach again this Saturday to see how things had changed since last week.  There were many fewer ducks, and all the same kinds.  New were cormorants, great egrets, and some shorebirds.  Unable to id sandpipers.  Had great views of a pair of snipe not ten feet away near the entrance to CCannon.

Forgot to mention in my post last week about these areas that I was with the STL Audubon group that saw the immature golden eagle last year at this time at BKLeach.

Laura Gorman
St. Louis City

Saturday April 11, 2015
> Pie billed grebes
> Am. Pelicans
> Cormorants
> Great blue heron
> Great egret, 2
> Turkey vultures
> Wood duck, pair
> Hooded merganser, pair
> Blue winged teal
> Green winged teal
> Gadwall 
> Shoveler
> Lesser Scaup
> Bald eagle, pair
> Red tailed hawk
> Coot
> Killdeer
> Am. Golden plover, flock
> Greater and lesser yellowlegs
> Sandpiper?
> Snipe, 2
> Flicker
> Pileated woodpecker
> Chickadee
> Blue jay
> Tree swallow
> Barn swallow
> Titmouse
> Gnatcatcher, FOY
> Starlings
> Cardinals
> Meadowlark
> Red winged blackbird
> Sparrows

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