Ventured down along the Chubb Trail in St Louis Co this morn(World  Bird 
Sanc side)
looking for new spring arrivals

Good  portion of the Castlewood Loop section of the trail was  underwater

Highlight ,for me anyway, was a singing winter  wren.Seems to be a small 
window of time ,usually around the end of  March,beginning of April,when they 
will actually sing while  migrating.
Observed several hermit thrushes that were singing this morn  also

Other birds seen

-several yellow-throated  warblers,louisana waterthrushes,n-parulas,
-many blue-grey  gnatcatchers
-a couple of prothonotory warblers were singing from the flooded  
- one black and white warbler singing
-at least 3 broadwing  hawks soaring across river along the Castlewood SP 
bluff line
-couple of  nesting red-shoulder hawks
-red eye vireos singing
-several migrating  yellow-bellied sapsuckers
-vesper and lincoln sparrows
-great horned  and barred owls 

Mike Brady
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