Quick post of highlights at Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike co.
JM and CM present until sunset.
- BLACK-NECKED STILT - behind headquarters in "closest" mudflats
observed from viewing deck.
- Shorebirds - hundreds(+) of Pects, Plover and both yellowlegs 
scattered about
in refuge wide habitat. Scope(!), patience, and probably some walking needed
to get better views and/or get more variety. Good ear for shorebird 
fly-overs too.
Closed road in middle of refuge had good habitat.
- Assuming Bald Eagle family unit together in one tree at sunset; 2 
adults and 2 imm.
- Snow, Ross's and White-fronted geese came in near sunset.

With both ibis species being reported in Midwest (MO, IN) we looked for them
without success. So much habitat to search through and hard to see, could be
easily missed.

NOTE: Shorebird numbers and variety can quickly change due to weather 
and birds' need to get north.

Gas was $2.11/gal at Elsberry.
Check Gas Buddy for current rates.

Outta' here.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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