Birded the Watershed this morning for about two hours and my what a great
morning for birding here!!!  Saw FOY Yellow Warber right off the bat and as
I was leaving I was super surprised to spot a FOY Palm Warbler flitting
among the branches of a sapling, bobbing its tail!!!  Another FOY for me
was a Little Blue Heron perched atop the dead tree in the middle of the
first lake/pond where the Belted Kingfisher usually sits, the latter had
moved to the trees to either side of the Center Office.  The morning was
quite birdy with other birds spotted being:
Ruby Crowned Kinglets
Swamp Sparrows
Pied Billed Grebe
Pileated Woodpecker
Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers
Brown Thrasher
And a Chipping Sparrow singing his heart out in the parking lot.

My complete checklist for the morning is available on ebird.

If you haven't yet made it out the Watershed I highly recommend it! What it
lacks in size it surely makes up for in biodiversity!

On a sadder note, I ran into Ginger McCall there and I am sad to report
that Jack McCall has passed away.  While I didn't know him well I did get
to spend a small amount of time with this amazing birder/conservationist,
and his knowledge and passion for birds and for the Watershed will stick
with me forever. If it weren't for an article in the newspaper interviewing
him and his wife about their weekly Bird Walks at the Watershed I would be
nowhere near the birder I am today.  What a loss for the birding community
and my heart goes out to Ginger.  He will most certainly be remembered.

Happy birding!!
Evan Dvorchak

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