Hi all
I live in Columbia and have a friend that sent this email yesterday.  Let me know if you’re interested and connect you with my friend.

Lottie Bushmann
Columbia Mo.

Hi Lottie
I was wondering if you could help us “recycle” a bird house.
We have a purple martin house that was on a pole for 4 years…. Over that time, several scouts visited a few times, and some may have even started nesting, at best we provided constant housing for sparrows.  I give up. 
This year Frank got a bat house for Christmas and THAT is going up on the pole this weekend. 
The unit looks identical to the image below – has a pulley that raises it on the pole (tho the rope has disintegrated - I do have the pulley parts) and while it is weathered and needs a little TLC, in general  it works (very well for sparrows, anyway!) 
I’ll even throw in a purple martin “decoy” that Frank bought one year thinking it would help.  From then on, the decoy made one or the other of us think we DID have a highly interested bird.  In general the decoy didn’t help recruit purple martins – OR scare off the sparrows.
Anyway,  - if you know anyone interested in refurbishing and /or donating the unit to a good backyard or school, just let me know where and when to deliver.  It’s all aluminum and pretty light weight, but bulky.

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