There were tens of thousands of snow geese at Squaw Creek Sunday evening,
in the main pool. We also saw some in the fields north of Squaw Creek.



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  Subject: Snow Geese & D.O.R.
  Date: Mar 16, 2015, 10:01 PM

  Mike Niles and I took a bus load of students to Omaha Zoo today and
  it was actually too hot...last year it never got above 32 degrees.
  Good trip though and we saw Snow Geese randomly all the way to Omaha.
  As we got back to Squaw Creek we pulled in the main entrance and
  could not see a single Snow Goose. We figured the majority had headed
  north already so we went back to Mound City to eat. As we sat there
  eating we started noticing flock after flock flying north. All we can
  figure is that they were on the west pools of Squaw Creek where we
  could not see them??? There were also numerous Snow Geese on the
  north Bluff Pool.

  As we left Squaw Creek we decided to keep track of all the road kills
  on the way home (D.O.R. - dead on road) We counted for about 70 miles
  until it got too dark at about Smithville Lake. We ended up with 70
  for an average of one per mile. They were as follows:

  White-tailed Deer - 21
  Opossum - 11
  Raccoon - 10
  Unidentified - 10
  Striped Skunk - 6
  Wild Turkey - 3
  Red-tailed Hawk - 2
  Coyote - 2
  Muskrat - 1
  Barred Owl - 1
  Canada Goose - 1
  E. Fox Squirrel - 1
  Snapping Turtle -1

  After all that driving and early rising, I'm sure to sleep well

  Terry L. Miller
  Kearney High School
  Ecology/College Zoology/Genetics/Botany/Astronomy Teacher
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