Took a vacation day to celebrate my birthday with a trip up to Adair Co. for Frankie's Common and Hoary Redpolls (both species still present) and stopped in at a few places along the way. Thanks Frankie for allowing birders to watch for the birds!

At Long Branch Lake where there is still about 98% ice coverage, I stopped in to look for the earlier reported Glaucous Gull. As I drove across the dam and with my naked eye, I quickly spotted the Lesser Black-backed Gull out on the ice by itself away from a large flock of gulls out on the ice. I parked on the west side of the dam in the lot provided and began walking for better vantage point out on the dam in the early morning sun. Within the first 30 seconds of walking from the truck, many of the gulls began to take off. I glassed them in flight as saw a lighter gull - hoping it was the Glaucous. Coincidentally, it landed not far from the Lesser Black-backed Gull and allowed for may photos to be taken.

Upon closer looks at the images, the bird showed more characteristics of a 1st cycle Iceland Gull. Images can be viewed here (some include the Lesser Black-backed Gull:

I plan on submitting documentation to MRBC.

The Glaucous Gull may still be around. There were other gull flocks forming on the ice around various spots of the lake, but early morning light was not conducive for viewing those flocks from the beach area.

Good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Cole Co.
Russellville, MO
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