Today at about 3PM I was wandering around Busch when I noticed a very peculiar bird on the ground under some bushes.  I studied the bird for quite sometime, knowing I had not seen this before and thinking that I could not think of anything it could be.  I made lots of notes and watched for about 20 minutes.  During this time the bird studied me very carefully and mostly sat very still.  Finally I decided to go to the book, of course as soon as I looked away the bird quickly walked further into the bushes and almost completely out of sight.  It was definitely a Chukar.  The reddish pink bill, the red-orange eyes and the bold face markings were very distinctive.  

My question at this point for all of you is, was this likely an escapee from some local sportsman's collection, or a farm perhaps?  Or is this a bird who was off course during migration, and thus countable?  I have seen one before, in Hawaii, but I didn't have a very good look then, and so didn't quite recognize this one.   At any rate it was great fun to study and identify; isn't that the best part of our hobby!

Dorcas Wanner
St. Charles County

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