This morning while sitting at my kitchen table, I noticed some bird activity in the tree across our little lake.  I grabbed the binocs and watched.  There were two Yellow Shafted Flickers sitting side by side on a branch.  As I watched the most delightful courtship display unfolded.  They sat frozen for about 10 seconds, then they would weave and bob and "jabber" at each other while fanning their golden tale feathers for about 5 seconds.  They repeated this over and over for about 15 minutes.  I never saw them actually mate,   and the male flew away.  I wished I could hear their jabbering; they appeared to be laughing.  They had a nest in that same tree last year, so I'm hopeful that they will nest there again.  I've seen some other species courtship displays, but this was a first for Flickers.  Must be spring!

Dorcas Wanner
St. Charles County

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