quick summary of highlights from 3/7/15 birding, JM & CM.

RMBS, St. Charles co
Ice melting; LARGE influx of gulls, many on the the IL side but many
on the MO side in gull roost too. Ton 'o gulls between Alton Barge road and
upstream side of MP Dam. AM viewing on IL side with a trunk full of 
cheap bread.
- R-L Hawk, light phased in tree line behind Heron Pond
- 2nd cycle KUMLIEN'S /Iceland GULL  chummed in with 85 cent Aldi bread
right off boat ramp at Linc. Shields.
see Jim's Flickr account later:
- 2 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls in MO roost
- several Bald Eagles on ice
- Many (!) swans came in at end of day, all 3 species
- LARGE influx of Greater White-fronts and Snow Geese
- L-T Duck at MP Dam (IL bird) - seen by Doug Hommert, not seen at
end of day by us

Columbia Bottom CA, St. Louis co
- 5 WESTERN MEADOWLARKS - field across from parking lot for observation
ramp (thanks Connie)

BTW......ARMADILLO at Busch CA, 3/6/15. First for me north of MO river.
several seen in W-SW St. Louis co.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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