Even though winter still has a strong grasp on the area a few early  spring 
birds have been showing up around Castlewood SP,

-A very non  displaying woodcock has been hanging out along the small 
spring fed brook behind  the office.(The water is always open and produces a 
little micro-clime that  keeps the soil near the bank soft so the woodcock is 
able to feed)

-a  hermit thrush has been in the same area from time to time

-fish crows  showing up

-rusty blackbirds showing up in numbers.Have had them at my feeder starting 
 this week

-great horned owls nesting near me.No doubt has either killed  or chased 
off the barred that lived in my back yard

-One a different  note.One usually doesn't think of Castlewood as a gull 
hotspot but for years  there has been a sizable gull roost over at the Simpson 
Gravel dredging lake  just east of the park.
Numbers range from several dozen to 200 -300  hundred birds.I would say 
about 150 to 200 birds have been around since  Jan,
Their here because of the West County landfill nearby
 Have never seen anything odd,vast majority are ring-billeds, but  herring 
gull numbers seem to be higher this year

Mike Brady
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