A friend of mine used my image of a tagged Bar-headed Goose in her
article in a local newspaper:

Here's my write up about these "wild geese that fly with the moon on
their wings"

I beg the pardon of the admin of this listserv .I've seen several
semi-domesticated birds of this species in I thought of
inflicting this on you all.

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and the part of the
country is already into early summer, and I am looking forward to my
next visit to St.Louis by the 3rd week of April. I've been enjoying
the Snowy Owl and the Inca Dove and others.....and the fact that Bald
Eagles are flying around Forest Park, too!

Truly, the birds remind us that we are united on one planet....not
divided in many countries!

Cheers, Deepa.

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