I did some looking around in Linn and Chariton County areas today. All the wetland pools in the Zell tracts at Pershing SP were frozen over so no waterbirds there today. Had a Winter Wren next to the creek and couple dozen Swamp Sparrows,but not much else. On down to Swan Lake which was almost all frozen over and snow covered. Found 35 Trumpeter Swans and low number of Ducks and Geese in small patches of open water. Interesting watching a Yellow-rumped Warbler flitting around down on the ice in the Bulrush. I decided to drive through Fountain Grove CA on the way back. Glad I did as they had some water moving in pool west of the hdqtrs. and larger openings. Nice variety of waterfowl, including Canvasback, Redhead, Ring-neck, and several  first-of-year Wood Duck, plus Snow, Canada, Gr. White-fronted geese, and 118 Swans, with couple of Tundras. This is my high count for The "Grove" and highest total for the area.

Steve Kinder
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