I've had some PC issues over the last week and want to thank Larry Olpin for sending the message out about the Inca Dove.  I last observed the bird in the yard on Jan 28 in the afternoon, but on Monday morning after the snow (Feb 16), it arrived to feed out of the blue frisbee on the ground around 8:30 AM.  It showed again the next day and I captured a short video of it (http://youtu.be/o2DMus_P7mo).  Haven't seen it since Tuesday, but that's not saying it's gone for good.  Driving around the neighborhood today, I have noticed many feeders up with lots of activity, so it may be using another in the area. 
Like last month, I don't mind if you want to try to come see the dove, but it hasn't established a pattern like it did over its stay in January and I can't guarantee you'll see it.  My feeders are located on the west side of the house and best viewing is done using your car as a blind.  Pull in behind my black Saturn if I'm here and if I'm not, pull where I park (just to the left of the main drive) to not block anyone in.  Please feel free to contact me if you're in the area and if I'm here, will come out to greet you if the dove isn't around to be disturbed.  We are in Holden, MO.  Animal Wonders pops up on Google maps, will direct you right here. 
Other area notes, the Holden City Lake (while I didn't visit today) has been very busy this week.  Several hundred Common Mergansers since Saturday and nearly as many Hooded Mergansers (in full display mode!!); many other ducks also using the lake including the first Greater Scaup I've had of the year.  Gull numbers are good as well and we had an adult Glaucous Gull last weekend, nothing compared to Smithville numbers, but still many Ring-billed and Herring.
Roads won't be great this weekend, but if you're feeling adventurous...
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