To everyone who is registered for the 2/21 gull workshop and field trip
here in the St. Louis area:

The subject line says it all. The weather predictions for this Saturday
suggest not only that it may be hard to do any birding (in freezing rain)
but that it might even be hard to get to the museum in the morning. And our
friends who were coming up from Springfield to participate have no chance
of decent driving conditions.

Therefore we are postponing one week, to Saturday, February 28, with the
exact same plan: Workshop presentation 8-10 AM at the Great Rivers Museum
(which will open at 7:30) followed by a first field trip effort, then
lunch, and then more birding into the afternoon.

The ten-day forecast shows 2/28 as a reasonable day, cold but probably free
of precipitation. We'll cross our fingers.

If you are reading this and know of anyone who is registered but unlikely
to see this message, please let them know.  And if you are currently
registered but unable to come on 2/28, we're sorry, but please contact Mike
Grant at [log in to unmask] and let him know that he should take your name
off the list.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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